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                   Social networking platform is an online service, where the focuses on bringing together people from different parts of the world and helps share their activities, personal details and so on. It acts as an interface between the business to business, business to customers and also between the users. Each user will be having their own personal profiles through which they can interact with their friends, colleagues and family members. Tagging can be done on the videos and photos. In a post one can tag the person, and make the post visible to them.

                   Amlooking4 is a Social networking platform which provides businesses to create their own company profiles using the business pages. Business pages helps to get connect better with the customers, share the product details and to get improved by their feedback. Online communities help users to join and express their ideas with members of same interest.

Our website is a place where businesses and users can share their photos, videos, status updates etc. Companies can target the potential customers by creating business pages.

                    Disseminate news, new product updates has been made easy and worldwide. Everyone can express their views towards the information shared by others through comments. Groups are the place where information can be posted and users within that group can join the discussion. Social networking improves customer engagement and brand exposure. Our website provides an option for users to interact with each other online with instant chat messages.


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